Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/639/Press Review]

June 5 2003

1 June 2003

Main headlines:
– Al-Biedh moves to Brussels, his condition for return to assume vice president post
– Raging bull rushed into parliament building, kills Russian citizen
– Al-Ra'ie pulls out the GPC bloc following fierce bickering with al-Ahmar
– Amnesty International: Arrest, torture and execution common in Yemen
– In avoidance of American pressure, security forces around the capital, strict measures around embassies and installations
– U.S. CIA searches for the Yemeni citizen Jaber al-Bana
Columnist Sanad Abdulla says in an article there is no democracy without civil rights guaranteed by legal texts and protected by law institutions and the citizen tangibly feels their validity and spread in his life and the society. Democracy that means only political freedom and the freedom of opinion is an elite version of democracy the people do not practice but in certain seasons. Hence the general and people feeling got weakened with regard to democracy because simply it is cut from the life of the people in general and is only confined to political and intellectual elites. This is in reality is the phenomenon of deformity of the Yemeni democracy. Perhaps the ruling party is used to not take the initiative and carry out responsible steps it has been called by officials as concessions but until it is to late.