Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/641/Press Review]

June 12 2003

8 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Government program: Lay off of thousands of workers and employees, establishing private sector airways companies
– Official inclination for canceling agriculture ministry
– A national body to follow up killing incident of Jaralla Omar, declared
– Transport movement between west and north of the capital hampered
– A number of worshippers in the Grand mosque arrested
On opening the ''legal attachE'' office in the American embassy in Sana'a, Mr Marwan Dammage says in an article the statement issued by the American embassy did not clarify the task of and function of the legal attachE office the united states wishes to create at its embassy in Yemen. The idea was submitted by director of the FBI Mueller when he met President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Aden last week. Information coverage of the meeting did not point to the American request and the 26 weekly newspaper did not mention even that meeting. American embassy statement did not specify the nature of the Yemeni reply to he American request that was announced by the American side and the Yemeni side did not even comment on it. A ''legal attachE '' office is an American deluding title. Since the events of 11/9 2001 the American authorities have not shown any interest, whether their behavior was outside the united states or even inside it with regard to legal and international controls. Although Yemen has been always used to receive American officials but most of them military, it seems that the time of American justice and legal organizations' interest in Yemen has not come yet. Unlike of what are used to, the Americans did not show interest in the escape of seven prisoners accused of being involved in blasting the American destroyer Cole, from a prison in Yemen. Establishing a legal attachE office would b the latest declared development in the relations between the two countries as the security side is dominant on these relations. These relations took a special turning since 1995. The outward feature then was the project of demining and facilities offered to the American forces in Aden port known in coincidence with the attack on the destroyer Cole, and the latest phenomenon was also the graduation ceremony of a batch of coast guard force which receives an American interest.