Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/643/Press Review]

June 19 2003

15 June 2003
The writer Nassr al-Shara'bi says in his article that the financial and administrative corruption represents a factor of hindering administrative development in Yemen. It is a plague not easy to cure and needs accurate diagnosis. Productive and honest elements have suffered greatly from that diagnosis of corruption disease and therefore they have now the right to disclose the hideouts of failure and lead the corrupt to justice. In order to avoid making the calls for financial and administrative reform developed in favour of the corrupt there must be a setting up of mechanisms for monitoring the administrative performance and preparing a statistical list containing the names of those in charge of the administrative units. Those who have reached the legal age of pension should be retired and those whose corruption is proved must be brought to justice. It is observed that the corrupt do try their best to impede modernization of operation of institutions and the financial and administrative reform because they thrive on the situation they have created and embezzle the public property through this situation. They also tighten the grip against any development intended to be effected to the administrative organizations.