Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/645/Press Review]

June 26 2003

22 June 2003
Columnist Abdulqader al-Rabbash says in his article after the conclusion of the third parliamentary elections and regardless of their final results, there is a ray of hope that the parliament carry out its role especially it had given its vote of confidence to the new government. The new government should achieve the goals listed in its program. There are certain priorities before the government that must be among the syllabus of the general trends. The government is entitled to:
reconsider some laws and legislation based on spreading sovereignty of law and order along with laying pillars of the state of institutions, especially in removing duality of duties and specialties,
fight all forms of corruption and all its political, economic, financial, administrative and social causes,
purge the government machinery at various departments of ministries from corrupt senior executives,
raise the standard of living of the people, at the forefront of which approving a system of wages and salaries that can keep pace with people's living conditions. These should include free education and medication, support and expand the social security network for fighting poverty and fighting all forms of unemployment, including disguised unemployment.