Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/647/Press Review]

July 3 2003

29 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Eritrean authorities confiscate Yemeni fishing boats
– Security file, the top premonition in meeting of the Yemeni-Saudi coordination council in Sana'a
– Large group of gunmen fled, large-scale arrests in Abyan
– Arab National Conference supports resistance in Iraq
– America worried because escalation of Iraqi resistance
– Elections supreme committee begins amending election law
The newspaper's editorial says after conclusion of the World Economic Forum held in Amman it has become clear that the American administration has taken big steps towards completing its hegemony on the region politically and economically. The American administration is at present putting the final touches to a number of plans and strategies guaranteeing its absolute linking of the region to it in political, economic, and trade fields. This is intended to guarantee to it the ability to spread its control on potentials and destinies of the region. Such an end would on the other hand give Israel the opportunity to impose its options related to the Arab Israeli conflict and sharing America in the political and economic hegemony in the Arab world. The Israeli circles were much astonished for the reception the Israeli delegation had met at the Forum and a number of Israeli officials have lately given statements implying their satisfaction over the Arab attitude and he apparent change towards Israel, describing the meetings the Israeli delegation had held with a number of Arab delegations as a u-turn in their stands versus Israel.
The Yemeni government has to present the citizen detailed explanation on its participation in that Forum, beginning from the reasons behind it and ending with the Yemeni stand towards normalization with Israel and secrets of the relations with the United States of America.