Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/649/Press Review]

July 10 2003

6 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Islah: GPC divided the society to overly rich minority and destitute majority
– Parliament continues violating the law
– Labour, smuggling drugs and weapons, top Yemeni-Saudi talks
– On Jarala Omar assassination, defense lawyers: Influential forces benefited from killing architect of the JMP
– For condemning Israel, Security arrests worshippers in the grand mosque in Sana'a

Columnist Ali al-Ashwal asserts in his article that fighting corruption has become a national question preoccupying everyone in this country. Since the very beginning of publishing about this issue it was associated with committing violations and excesses at various official institutions and their branches and aggravation of detriment mistakes and negatives without in return the existence of any accountability. Beneficiaries of this phenomenon continued further in repeating their acts by committing more such violations and excess that resulted in squandering the public property and spending it on fake projects. Those corrupts have in the course of years become the only ones possessing wide-range authorities and having he upper hand in deciding the policies and the authorities of decision-making. As a result of the imbalance in society caused by the spread of corruption and its rootage, the unfortunate outcome is all values and good traditions have fallen and were replaced by violation of the honor and ethics of professions and there came the loss of morals of public services.