Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/659/Press Review]

August 14 2003

10 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Unreal contracts and stolen allowances at the health ministry
– Awareness campaign on vengeance and carrying of arms
– Al Gore lashes out at Bush's policy n Iraq
– Press conference on announcing Sana'a capital of Arab culture
– Pharmacists hold their constituent conference
On the economic situation in Yemen and the saying that the economic situation is the responsibility of all, columnist Ali Hussein al-Saqqaf says in an article that the people are not part of that ''all''. The ordinary people of the Yemeni people who are living a state of poverty, despair and unemployment and groaning under the yoke of what the economy has been affected with financial and administrative corruption and deterioration and collapse and monetary inflation, is then possible to be accepted by any reasonable person to say that the economic situation is the responsibility of all?
The present reality of the failure of economic reform in the country is attributed to responsibility of the ruling elite and its supporters that dominate by its interests and those of its supporters over all links of the country's economy. The Yemeni people did not plunder public properties, did not steal from illusionary projects and did not rob properties of the sea ports and airports. The Yemeni people are outside the game of fraud and lies which some leaders, ministers in government try to hold them responsible for being involved in the economic situation.