Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/661/Press Review]

August 21 2003

17 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Mediation efforts between the government and Jahm tribes continue
– People demand political security to release their sons or refer to prosecution
– Trial of the killer of eight students in Yahr started
– Security consultant in Ibb governorates refuses to abide by judiciary rulings
– Ten detainees accused of HUttat events transferred to Sana'a
Editor of international affairs of the newspaper says in his article that democracy in the Arab region is exposed to big conspiracies despite it is still at the stage of growing. Leaders of the Arab regimes are provoked by a free word here or a constructive criticism there. As for democracy as an integrated structure it is not existing on the Arab soil, but it is rather a nightmare for the Arab regimes and their leaders.
Arab despotic regimes have developed means of suppression compatible with the age of democracy and human rights. At the time they appoint ministers for human rights, they let loose the executioners to commit violations of human rights. While they raise slogans of free elections they expend billions of the people's money to rig elections and confiscate votes of the people. It could b said that the Arab nation is at a crossroads. Either to enter the age of democracy and freedoms or to face the coming deluge that would have no mercy upon the regimes.