Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/665/Press Review]

September 4 2003

31 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Assassination of the Iraqi religious leader Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim, heavy loss to Iraq and the Arab and Islamic nation
– Security arrests six persons and attacks prayers in the Grand Mosque
– ''Black Banner'' organisation threatens American interests in Yemen
– America and Israel in agreement to out Arafat
– In Sana'a, police kills a citizen, his tribe demands retaliation
– Possible tribal confrontation between al-Zaidi and the authority following failure of arbitration efforts
Columnist Ahmed al-Fakieh writes in an article that despite clear presidential directives for giving the local councils the authorities granted for them by the law some parties stand as tumbling stones before tasks and responsibilities of those councils with the impetus of belittling their status and shrink their authorities.
Under the duality of decisions and overlapping of specialties and non-existence of coordination among relevant bodies the issues of citizens get aggravated and financial and administrative relations worsen. For this reason the situations between the local councils and concerned sides deteriorate due to ambiguity of visions and concepts and constraining the authorities granted to them by the law. This has led to reshuffling the cards and difference in viewpoints. Out of this we can understand why the educational areas have become incapable of performing their special authorities under the intermingling of specialties. The education ministry is responsible for drawing up the educational goals and the strategy of education. It is directly responsible for development and modernisation of the educational process in the country but there are impediments stand before it and prevent it from implementing its goals and visions for tackling negatives in education. Such impediments are ranging between partisan matters, mediations and tribal mediations.