Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/667/Press Review]

September 11 2003

7 September 2003
Main headlines:
– Welcomed the new Iraqi government, Yemeni government recognizes legitimacy of American occupation of Iraq
– Chanted against America, were beaten and arrested in the Grand Mosque
– Under American pressure, 100 thousand expatriates deported from Djibouti, including 10 thousand Yemenis
– Military and sheikhs seize lands in the free zone in Aden
– HAMAS threatens to kill Sharon in retaliation for attempted assassination of it leader sheikh Yassin
– Several attacks by Iraqi resistance, British military reinforcements arrive in Iraq
Columnist Nassr al-Sha'rabi says the percentage of illiteracy is growing steadily in our country at a time the world is celebrating the world day of illiteracy eradication. The problems is aggravating in its impact on the life of workers and their unemployment accompanied with drop in number of those graduating from illiteracy eradication classes that this year did not exceed 25 thousand pupils. Official statistics indicate that the number of illiterate in Yemen reaches 10 million people most of them among women and children and work forces. This condition confirms that the economic, financial and administrative reforms in he nineties of the last century till now did not achieve positive results in the field of illiteracy eradication and did not guarantee progressing ahead in getting rid of this problem in the near future.
it could be affirmed that illiteracy eradication and adult learning at the two basic stages and the follow-up must be the national responsibility within organised campaigns along with opening the field to the private sector to offer its contributions in this regard. This would help growth of skills of the working people and their knowledge and benefiting from them in the productive side.