Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/672/Press Review]

September 29 2003

21 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Yemeni envoy to Madrid to explain legal reasons of sentencing Nankly
– The UN General Assembly demands Israel not to deport Arafat
– At meetings of Central Banks mayors and the World Bank, an Israeli delegation attend for the first time in Dubai
– Death sentence against the killer of Jarallah Omer before completion of investigations, denounced
– Security forces arrest 92 persons for chanting slogans against America and Israel
– Public hospital in Hudeidah converted to a guest house
– Teachers: Taiz education office depended randomness in distributing teachers
Columnist Ahmed Omrabi asks if there is a symbolic relationship between the armed resistance in both Iraq and Palestine and he says there is of course such a relationship not from the point of view of the organizational meaning. But does that prevent the existence of a relationship between the two styles of resistance as a struggling equation due to the American and Zionist similarity? The writer presumes there would be in foreseeable future a possibility of the existence of an organizational relationship between the Palestinians and the Iraqis and this would develop with the passage of time. After four months of occupation it has become that the supposition of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is nothing than a smoke curtain to hide the American strategic goal of imposing a full control on the Iraqi national oil industry. At the same level it has been proved that among the articles of this American strategy is he project of building a gigantic oil pipeline linking Iraq and Israel across the Jordanian territories extended to the port of Haifa. Realization of this goal at the present tense circumstances in all parts of Iraq and the continuous presence of the American occupying military forces is something is something not practical. But it would a target of the American strategic planners to be put into effect when convenient circumstances are available.