Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/674/Press Review]

October 6 2003

28 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Crude oil shipment stops oil refining in Aden oil refinery
– 16 Arab citizens died martyrs in Iraq
– Tribaldisputes interrupts Sana'a-Marib highway
– Amnesty International shows concern over human rights violations in Yemen
– Conference on American-Arab relations in light of political developments in the region
– Big demonstration in London protesting Iraq occupation
– Al-Harethi son arrested on charge of kidnapping a diplomat
– Aden oil refinery workers stage labour strike

Judge Mohammed Rashid Abdulmawla says in his article that the Yemeni constitution and law of the judiciary power guarantee independence of judiciary. The law has entrusted the Supreme Judiciary Council with drawing up the general policy for developing the judiciary affairs as part of other judiciary authorities of the council. In my opinion, says judge Abdulmawla, includes steps of appointing or choosing those joining the judiciary power according to objective conditions, sticking to terms of the law regarding the study of lawsuits against members of the judiciary power and the speed in deciding them. It also includes drawing up a clear policy regarding the cases for which specialized qualitative courts are formed in prevention of any random steps I this regard. It has called the attention that the ministry of justice submits its perception of holding the first general judiciary conference to the council of ministers and to ignore the Supreme Judiciary Council in this respect. Why it has not been presented to the Supreme Judiciary Council first to be approved and then presented to cabinet just to be aware of it?