Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/678/Press Review]

October 20 2003

19 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– Six new worshippers arrested in the Grand Mosque, prayers try to catch some seconds to chant slogans against America
– Retreat in GDP by 4%, inflation increase by 8.3%
– Mahathir Mohammed: Jews govern the world
– Saudi labour replacing incoming one includes Yemen
The economic editor has written an article saying the Yemeni trade and industrial circle is preparing t work for the abolishment of the sales tax law the government intends to begin its implementation later. Strategy of the national capital is based on three options; abolishing the law, postponing it or amending it. A leading personality at the union of the chambers of commerce had stated that if the government was insistent on imposing the implementation of the law then the ‘’slaughter’’ should be carried out according to the Islamic way.That was a clear indication and an announcement of the state of resentment of the private sector regarding the passing of the law and its amendments in a precaution of the negative impact it would inflict on the economy and the society. The law was issued under a republican decree but its application was postponed for electoral reasons following a pressuring campaign by traders and industrialists. Economic observers are expecting that the coming few days would see a stepped up tension between the government and the private sector.