Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/681/Press Review]

October 30 2003

26 Oct. 2003
Main headlines:
– YSP head of political office: A positive stand of Islah party concerning democracy
– Families of detainees at political security prison in Taiz continue their protests
– UN coordinator in Sana’a: Yemen in need of qualified local leaderships entertaining justice and transparency
– Al-Khaleej Organisation for Press Freedoms, declared
– Jibla teachers request the president’s interference
Columnist Abdulaziz al-Baghdadi says in his article the looking at the relationship between the 26 September revolution in the north of Yemen and the 14 of October in its south out of the perspective of the relationship between the mother and the son is a view very near to the view of secessionism if considered in the depth of its implication. The relationship between the two revolutions of the one country is based on joining forces and cohesion and interaction where the revolutionaries in the country search for a common denomination, i.e. the freedom. Since Yemen is one body it is not logical to say that one of parts came out of the other.
The relationship is thus a kind of details of an interwoven struggling one happened on the Yemeni naturally and socially united arena before its political unity and it is supposed to be deepened by the political action. This has been realized by the Yemeni revolutionaries at all stages of the struggle since the thirties and later, whether in the Yemeni old or the modern history.