Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/685/Press Review]

November 13 2003

9 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Aden refinery workers implement successful strike
– Abrogation of agreement with HUNT costs ports millions of dollars
– Warning from al-Qaeda use of freight planes for hitting targets in America
– 18 prayers arrested at the Grand Mosque
– Four persons killed in a vengeance issue
– Under American pressure, trial of Cole suspects postponed
– Islamic Liberation Party deems constitution and elections illegitimate
– Armed attack on Shabwa deputy governor house
– First electronic theft attempt in Yemen

American Democratic Senator Roberts Rockefeller, member of the American Congress demanded the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to resign from his post because of the painful blows the American forces in Iraq are exposed to, accusing Rumsfeld of practicing misleading and extemporariness in his work as secretary of defense.
American officials are coming under a large campaign of stultification among the American political and media circles an also at international level following the intensification of the Iraqi armed resistance operations against the American military presence in Iraq.
Some political and military observers see that there is one face-saving outlet for the American administration which is to enable the United Nations to run the Iraqi affair gradually and gradual withdrawal of the American military forces. This group also believes that if the United States does not take this option it would be forced at a later stage to a humiliating military withdrawal from Iraq. This is especially so as all indicators point out to escalation of Iraqi resistance operations and development of its qualitative operations and the killing of more American soldiers and military despite of the American media blackout on the Iraqi military operations.