Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/695/Press Review]

December 18 2003

14 Dec.2003.
Main headlines
– For six months they chant slogans against America and Israel, detains of the Grand Mosque rises to 200 people
– Al-Jawf teachers without salaries for three months, education at standstill
– Higher Institute for International Studies: Poverty and backwardness enhance use and demand for small arms
– Courses on Human Rights
– American court issues sentences against 6 Yemeni origin people between 8 to 10 years
– Financial corruption stopped activity of Wadi Sahm Cooperative society

Columnist Nasr al-Shar'bi says in his article the judiciary apparatus suffers from weakness and low level of all courts' performance and they are the focus of accusations against them as being the cause behind spread of corruption, bribery and nepotism. And above that the judiciary authority is liable to interference and a foothold for those who want to manipulate with justice. It is eye-catching that the first judicial conference recently held would not succeed unless its goals and recommendations are translated into practice and the concerned authorities work for upgrading performance of courts and diagnosing the ills the judiciary is differing from. This orientation necessitates more exertion of more efforts for solving the cases presented before courts and a quick decision of issues of investment and trading disputes as well as paying attention to issues related to public property. The conference in itself is not enough to bridge the harm resulting from imbalance of justice and distancing from law and regulations in courts. It is required from the conference regarding the judiciary authority and its reform is the stabilization of elements of security, investment and stability in the country.