Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/716/Press Review]

March 1 2004

25 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– Ahmed Salem Ubeid disappears in mysterious circumstances
– More than 100 girls disappear during the last year
– Civil Service Fund, violation of workers rights
– 20 March, a World Day for the freedom of Palestine and Iraq
– Endowments office in Aden still closed down
– Oil general trade union appeals to the executive bureau of the union to defend workers rights
Columnist Jamal A'mer says in his article in the mid of last February the Shoura Council discussed the foreign policy of our country. because the matter does not go beyond finding a work for members of the council, the discussion changed into a dialogue of the deaf and many members considered it an opportunity for proving the national fervor through criticizing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and showing meaningless bravery.
Employees in our foreign ministry are the last ones to know about the policy of their country because the policy is molded according to the atmospheres and the decisions about it is that of its moment. This is perhaps what explains the floundering of the foreign policy of our country.
The political decisions, small and big, are made outside the authority of the foreign ministry and they come ready-made for implementation.