Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/718/Press Review]

March 8 2004

3 March 2004
Main headlines
– Sheikh Ukaimi dies in fighting with kidnappers in al-Jawf
– Ethiopian refugees demand to be settled in Yemen
– Tribal clashes renewed because of a woman killing in Hajjah
– 33 researchers compete for Hayel Saeed prize
– Malaria kills three children in Madariba district
– Committee on defending university students:
– Political security responsible for arresting activists
Iddi al-Maneefi says in an article security forces did not wait long for the conclusion of the third conference of the journalists syndicate of Yemen that they affirmed that they do not stand the opinion of any journalist and the freedom of expression. They have also affirmed that the democratic margin we hear about in our media is narrowing day by day and Yemen's readiness to export it democracy to Arab countries and the third world.
Najeeb al-Yabli has written an opinion o the journalists third general conference thinking his opinion is within the permitted democratic margin, the margin seem no longer there, it has suddenly disappeared before the Yabli. That message the security has addressed to the journalists and their syndicate's leadership, putting hem n the picture and on the touchstone. It is the first true test for the journalists. So are they capable of facing such a test?
It is not demanded from the syndicate leadership to respond to such a query as much as its interest in putting an end to such violations happening against the journalists. The one following up the official rhetoric speeches thinks that the journalist is a person living a happy live full of security and stability away from threats, beating and arrest and all types of violations, the contrary the correct. As a result the journalists and their new leadership should not stand hand folded regarding the defense for all journalists and to begin with Najeeb Yabli as first step.