Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/721/Press Review]

March 18 2004

10 March 2004
Main headlines
– Lahj intellectuals complain culture office director
– University students case retained for consideration on 23 March
– Youth gangsters flourish in Taiz, one young man killed, other four injured
– Journalists syndicate refuses the trial of Saeed Thabit
Columnist Abdulkareem al-Khaiwani writes saying during the past two weeks the question of disappearance of Ahmed Salem Ubeid remained looking for an answer. Press reports mentioned that Ubeid was a victim of Arab security deals concluded by Arab security bodies. According to the deal Ubeid is supposed to have been handed over to Yemeni authorities that in turn would hand over some of the wanted to Egypt.
Ahmed Salem Ubeid is an opposition politician owning opposition opinion and attitude living in Egypt. He is not an escape from justice or wanted for issues pertaining to terror or others.
Official kidnapping is an Arab official culture and definitely no one is known to have this concession; the regimes or the gangs. The question is how do the Arab regimes find time to practice the hobby of kidnapping at a time there is in the world great fuss about projects for reforming these regimes and peoples talk about their mistakes and they are demanded to refuse reform projects coming from outside to the regimes the chance to reform their situations from inside. If all this is really happening one can say that those regimes are living on the periphery of history and events.