Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/724/Press Review]

March 25 2004

24 March 2004
Main headlines
– Chairman of the Higher Council of the Yemeni Union of People's forces sends condolences to Hamas movement on martyrdom of sheikh Yassin
– Mr Mohammed al-Rabaie: The authority prevented us from expressing our stand
– Bad treatment of Ethiopian women prisoners in Taiz
– University student from Aden still disappeared for two months
– A tourist society in Aden, declared
– New water crisis in Taiz
The newspaper's editorial criminal operation perpetrated by the Zionist enemy against the sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas came to ring the bells of danger and strip the Arab leaders the remains of the fig leaves they have been covering their defects for a long time.
As the leaderships of the Arab regimes have in the past and present registered the highest degrees of incapability and weakness in confronting the American-Zionist project an its alike in danger and challenge, the new challenge represented in assassination of a man in the status of sheikh Ahmed Yassin requires from Arab leaders to live to the level of responsibility concerning the new dangerous challenge in this complicated and difficult circumstances away from the so-called projects of peace which are in fact a reward to thee terrorist Sharon for his crimes and terror. Certainly the Arab leaders are not requested to join angry marches and demonstrations or unleash their voices in boisterous speeches. It is better for the Arab regimes to stop interfering in steering the street movement and direct it according to their whims. They have to devote themselves to their political and national duties and take stands and policies supporting the Palestinian resistance in the occupied Arab territories.