Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/732/Press Review]

April 26 2004

21 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Following Barabba' accusation of the MPs, the option is canceling the selling deal or non-confidence voting
– A sabotage group behind the killing of the five officers in Shoub, Sana'a
– Journalists Syndicate demands speedy hunt down for the criminals targeting the life of the journalist Al-Habeeshi and cancellation of al-Tagamou newspaper closure
– Torrents inflict damage in al-Jawf governorate
– Demanded the abolishment of security and military coordination with America, Support and anti-normalization committees call for armed resistance
– Preparation for establishment of a general federation for health professions trade unions

The newspaper's editorial says the results of the meeting between Sharon and Bush were not a surprise because they came expressive of the new world order of the unilateral American pole and the strength of connection between the ruling right in America and Tel Aviv, in addition to the common characteristics between the two men and the crises they are experiencing.
Bush has adopted all of Sharon's plans and pledged to support the Jewish state, accepting the presence of Zionist settlements in the West Bank and dropping the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their land. Bush's administration also considers the operations of assassination and collective killings as an Israeli right to protect its security. In all this, Bush attitude he is not showing any consideration for the Arab leaders and their peoples and putting weight to Sharon and the Zionist state. In fact Bush has declared the war on the Arab and Islamic nation repeatedly and violated the international law, legitimacy, and norms and contradicted even the road map his administration has adopted. Bush has also overstepped all resolutions concerning the alleged peace and defended the Zionist state terror. He has brushed aside the American example of coexistence with cultures, races and colors based on equality in rights and duties, as an example that deserved admiration and respect.