Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/741/Press Review]

May 27 2004

19 May 2004
Main headlines
– Secretary-General of UPFY: Reforms are urgent necessity, crisis with reality not with outside
– Workers of Jaheef oil company resort parliament, demand ending lease agreement
– An investor appeals to the president: I hope our rights are not plundered
– Warning against forged banknotes

Demand of a large segment of women, from various colours of political spectrum, from the government to enable women to entertain their right to decision-making and representation in high ranking posts, collides on hard reality by the authority. Matters have now differed from what they were in the past but the woman did not benefit anything from that and nothing changed in her reality.
The national policy for population 2001-2003 and its working plan have approved a special constituent for the woman, on achieving justice between the two genders in rights and duties, concentrating on enabling her realize her full potentials and enhance her contribution to development and gain basic services of education and health and also assume positions of work, production and decision making, but nothing of that has been realized.
No doubt, the retreat in the number of women in parliament, the government and in position of decision making is attributed to a group of social, cultural hindrances and continued domination of the man that is granted to him by the society.