Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/743/Press Review]

June 3 2004

26 May 2004
Main headlines
– 620 detainees not registered in human rights file in Yemen
– JMP supports the resistance to occupation in Palestine and Iraq
– Matar family hopes in submitting the issue of its son's disappearance before the parliament
– Protection of press freedoms center calls for organizing activities refusing suppressive policies
– Teachers of the capital denounce sacking their colleagues for partisan reasons
– Government siege to Al-Hamdani House for printing in Aden
– Course on dissemination of human rights concluded in Aden
Columnist Alawi al-Ashwal says in an article democracy is a legitimate constitutional medium and its practice and sticking to it is an urgent necessity to embody the principle of accepting pluralism and other opinion as well as accepting political parties movement through following democratic ways.
Upon this assumption we say that official media tools and those working for them are the possession of the people not the regime. Those media have to observe serving the people and express their suffering and not putting cosmetics on the face of the ruling party. The doses that they falsely termed as economic reforms have inflicted heavy damage on the homeland and the citizen. Since the Iryani government the doses have begun and leaders of the GPC and its government changed into vampires and thus it was the beginning of oppression and injustice and violation of human rights and opened the way for bribery and fear and official institutional wantonness and social dismemberment.