Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/745/Press Review]

June 10 2004

2 June 2004
Main headlines
– More than YR 225 million, financial violations at the ministry of expatriates
– Authority seeks arbitration of sheikh Tariq al-Fadhly, and Al Fadhl refuses the arbitration
– Oil ministry fears confronting investor Tawfiq Abdulrahim
– In Thamar, the governor and directors of security and youth seize by force a citizen's piece of land
– Differences and technical hindrances postpone announcing results of students' elections
– Field research studies behaviour of a million people using mobile phones
– Opposition in Lahj refuses any forthcoming dose
– Al-Shatt School at Mudharaba and A'arah district in Lahj without teachers

Columnist Dr Mohammed Abdulmalik al-Mutawakil says in his article this week that in writing there is a strong relationship between three elements: the writer, the style of his writing and the topic he is writing about. Dr al-Mutawakil maintains that when there is a split between the behaviour of the writer and his practices and what he writes, the words lose their credibility and the reader loses the feeling of interaction with them. You may find someone writes about freedom and democracy and accepting the other's opinion but at his place of work and reality of his practice and details of his life you find him despotic and does not tolerate anyone opposing his opinion and of any criticism directed to him and to any image he sees on the mirror other than his own. Someone may write about cordiality and friendliness and tolerance but in reality he hates all those around him. Another one writes on corruption and he corrupt whereas in his reality he is corrupt from head to toe.