Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/755/Press Review]

July 15 2004

7 July 2004
Main headlines
– Surface to surface missiles hit Mran
– Arrests among ranks of Al-Tahrir party
– Ambiguity about killing of three educationists in Mahr
– Rights and freedoms committee declares solidarity with al-Wasat newspaper and its editor in chief

Columnist Abdullah Ali Sabri says in his article that the consequences of Saadah events have instigated a host of doubts and queries about motives o f this war that does not seem to be settled soon.
The eye-catching thing about the “believing youth” and Hussein al-Houthy is that they had received material support from the authority for not a short period and that support is not void of political goals intended to contain the opposition parties and narrow the democratic margin. This matter urged al-Houthy and would motivate others to oppose the regime outside the scope of the existing parties. Recruiting religious groups and utilizing them politically is an unwelcome practice the government has practiced despite that its dangers would boomerang against the authority itself. Thus the authority does not learn from its mistakes and the lessons it should better learn from the events of Saadah. Terror can be made very easily while its uprooting needs tiresome and costing effort.
The excessive use of force by the army can be considered as a state terror and that terror breeds terror even if the army managed to decide the battle militarily.