Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/761/Press Review]

August 5 2004

28 July 2004
Main headlines
– Prosecution demands secrecy in the trial of judge Lukman
– The poor of the central prison in Ibb exceed double their punitive sentence
– Resignations in Jabal Jubair local council due to tampering with electricity connection
– Four new infections with AIDS in Hudeidah governorate
– Financial violations at civil service office and hindering teachers' rights in Ibb
– Enhancement of women role in development of local societies

Columnist Alawi al-Ashwal says in his article since the declaration of Yemen unity in 1990 up today the people have been suffering from successive disasters because of the regime's tendency aiming at impoverishing and humiliation of the citizens via various ways of oppression and practice of corruption. The regime has become open adversaries of the society. They do not hesitate from committing the ugliest acts which they call as achievements. The most recent of these is the implementation of the formerly postponed dose in the form of a tax law on sales which does not differ much from the previous killing doses. The only difference this time is covering it with a legal robe in avoidance of complications. The authority does so as if the situation is a continuous improvement but indicators show this would not be the last of doses, especially that there is an intention of raising the prices of fuel and other oil products.