Al-Shoura [Archives:2004/767/Press Review]

August 26 2004

14 August 2004
Main headlines
– Hajeef trade union criticizes languor of oil officials and absence of trade unions federation's role
– Intensive shelling and imminent attack, Hamadan Ibn Zaid region appeals to live consciences
– Yemen hands over leaders from Al-Jihad to Egypt
– Journalists Syndicate welcomes granting journalists a 60% discount on Yemenia airlines
– Investigating committee on appointments at Sana'a University
– Iraqi teachers in Yemen wait payment of their salaries suspended for a year

Columnist Mohammed Farie al-Shaibani says it is customary that a human does not reach the degree of readiness for death but until all roads have been closed against him and sees that the only way of deliverance from the life of misery is by death. It was a rule in the past and it is at present and would be so in future. This is what is happening now in Sa'ada, Najaf, and Darfur. Among the tragedies the Arab rulers caused to their peoples are the areas of abasing poverty inside the countries they are ruling. They are the remote areas that are neglected and backward where there are the poor residential areas of the big cities. In their plundering of their countries' riches, the Arab rulers forget about those areas and they exert their efforts in renovating and beautifying the capitals where they live and receive their visitors from abroad, especially those termed as the donor countries. The rulers get surprised by the revolts taking place in those regions and instead of searching for the cause that called those people to revolt in order to rectify, they behave against them as ingrates of the bliss the rulers have given them and accuse them as being urged and supported by hostile external powers. The social peace is the product of justice, equality and freedom.