Al-Shoura [Archives:2005/841/Press Review]

May 12 2005

4 May 2005
Main headlines

– Welcomed mediators possessing public solution, refusing the secret solution,

– Abdulmalik al-Houthi: We are not insurgents and not against the republic

– Continued arrests and storming in Saadah

– Yemeni Union of People's Forces: the dialogue means the west understanding of peoples' need for reforms

– Granted strikers two days to return, President of Sana'a University Basura calls on ministers and judges to teach at the university

– Security delegation visits Baghdad, Investigation with family of Iraq operation implementer

– Journalists Syndicate renews rejection of press draft law demanding he end of government ownership of media

– Warnings against militarization of Mocha port

– Parliament summons government to discuss crisis with university teachers unions

Columnist Abdulkarim Mohammed al-Khaiwani says in an article that the president was giving a lecture on the Yemeni Unity at Korea University at a time when intermittent wars and pursuits in Saadah continue against Badruddin al-Houthi and sheikh Razzami. It is also at a time when arrests continue against affiliates of al-Zaidiya sect in Saadah, Hajjah, Thamar and the capital.

Sectarianism, sabotage, secessionism, monarchy, Hashimatism and Shiitism, have all became exhausted charges because they are simply launched under decrees and official fomenting disregarding the national unity as much as instigation of citizens against each others. All justifications were used in the war of 1994, even religious was employed, but the utmost justification for it was in fact that for power. The war against al-Houthi, religion is also used and it is now used officially against Zaidiya as a sect and current and ideology and against the Hashimate as a segment. This officially oriented hallucination is unconvincing.