Al-Shoura [Archives:2005/852/Press Review]

June 20 2005

Main headlines

– Dr al-Mutawakil requests from Political parties committees to support the UPFY to regain its headquarters and side with it according to the law

– Press prosecution rejects activation of the UPFY complaint against the newspapers of Al-Thawra and 26 September

– Al-Bakhiti arrested because of his opinions and press writings

– Legal organizations: Sentence against Dailami and Muftah violated the constitutions and international charters

– Journalists Syndicate denounces against creating split and warns against passing on the syndicate's draft law

MP Sultan al-Samie writes saying the reform we mean is not the partisan one, as some would think, but rather the political reform which the super power of the world, the United States of America, is adopting. The writer says that the reform, whether it is close or far, is a popular demand throughout the Arab nation because she is the most nation suffering from oppression of its rulers and almost is the poorest nation despite of its possession of more than fifty percent of the world riches.

The writer adds that when reform comes from outside and is imposed on the rulers by force, the price would be high and mostly it is paid by the peoples, whether at present or in future.

On the situation in the region, the writer confirms that it could be noted that the state of wrath has already begun in preparation for moving to the second stage towards a comprehensive reform. Some governments have started to respond reluctantly to some demands of their people and with continued pressure the people would surely achieve their demands, whether the rulers want it or not.

Our country is one of these countries heading for change towards the political reform. Out of President Ali Abdullah Saleh's stand and inspired by requirements of the present stage and in response to desire of the entire humankind for the realization of justice and equality, there must first be constitutional and legal amendments in compatible with the required political reform at this stage.

The second thing is that there must be a transitional period during which a government of national unity should be formed. Thirdly the ruling system must be democratic parliamentary as that applied in Malaysia. Fourthly, political parties and all political organizations and activities should sign a national ethics charter pledging to work for holding free and honest elections.

Fifthly, there must be a general pardon for all politicians and politically wanted person for political issues, inside and outside, and release of all prisoners for political issues. Sixthly, those who had been affected by the wars of the end of seventies and the war of Saadah. The writer suggests that the country is divided into four regions and therefore in his seventh point he suggests that each of those four regions should have a share of 15% of the natural wealth excavated from it, such as oil, gold and other types of riches.