Al-Shoura [Archives:2005/856/Press Review]

July 4 2005


– The common assembly demands that the government is responsible for protection of MP al-Samai

– Sa'ada getting stable and one of the mediators homes attacked in Sana'a

– Security launches fire on demonstrators in Aden

– The Arabs did not attend the conference and so the president decided the same

– Absence of parliamentary conventions weakens the parliament

– Editor and staff of al-Wasat receive threats


– Domination of corruption

The investigation section of the newspaper talks about how corruption in this country leads to repelling the investments and how most of the Hadrami people did not will in investing their money in Yemen and authority figures and merchants also.

It describes the domination of corruption and that this would lead to never accepting the reforms that would eventually benefit the country. A comment on the domination of the rich families and their monopoly in the world of capitalism.


– Democratic occupation of Iraq

Qadiri Ahmed Haidar says on his sequel column about Iraq that here comes the third year of democratic occupation of Iraq. He says that Iraq was in much better conditions economically and culturally before the occupation and that now the Iraqi people are losing infrastructure and even human resources.

– Narcissism and power craze

Dr. Mohammed al-Mutwakil starts his article with a description of a meeting the Arab lawyers in Sana'a had with the president when he told them: deal with us with kindness and good temper and we would yield because we the Arab rulers are of Bedouin origins and take our nature from our rural life and animals so if treated with force we can become violent and if taken with kindness we will be kind.

Dr. Al Mutwakil says that this is not only about Arab leaders but it applies to all those who fall in the tarp of vanity and consider themselves superior powers such as the USA.

He explains how the USA started to rethink its violent strategies in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world when it thought that force is the solution.