Al-Shoura [Archives:2005/898/Press Review]

November 28 2005

23 Nov.2005
Main headlines

– The parliament embodies influence sharing

– Politicians deem it a step for normalization with the Zionists, Warnings against the parliament participation in Ramallah conference

– Birdflu heats up government-parliament argument

– After two-year halt, kidnapping phenomenon re-emerges as a lead in local events.

Al-Shoura newspaper political editor discusses in his article the recent appointments of new Yemeni ambassadors saying recently the media reported the appointment of 14 ambassadors who have taken oath after acceptance of the countries they are accredited to. An appointment of the ambassadors has come following a group of local and external events and changes.

Some of them are related to relations of our country with world states and that include acts and behavior of some of our embassies abroad. An example of that was the behavior of the Yemeni former ambassador to Syria who had sought political asylum in Britain.

At that time, the Yemeni foreign ministry said the ambassador al-Hassani was suffering from mental disorder. That statement was also a scandal not less than his mutiny and joining the outside opposition.

Al-Hassani's scandal was not the first nor would it be the last.

The writer mentions here financial and other scandals practiced by Yemeni embassies abroad but argued that most of them do not emerge to the surface. The writer mentions about behavior of some Yemeni embassies in dealing with the Yemeni students studying in those countries as they are not performing the simplest of their duties toward those students.

The writer says the problem of our country's authority is that it makes political loyalties and considerations of spheres of influence as main criteria in offering persons posts and responsibilities inside the country and abroad.