Al-Shoura [Archives:2007/1044/Press Review]

April 23 2007

April 18
Main Headlines

– Al-Shoura Council postpones discussing education situations

– Head of Committee to Defend Al-Moayyad accuses U.S. authorities of abusing human rights

– Gunmen assassinate a senior police officer in Al-Jawf

– Authorities arrest blackmailing and extortion gang

– Hadramout threatened of swarms of locusts

– Sa'ada terrorists rape women, MP block a highway leading to Hodeida

The newspaper reported that a woman in her fourth decade committed suicide after she was subjected to rape by a group of terrorist elements loyal with Al-Houthi-led rebellion. The paper quoted Sa'ada sources as saying the 33-year-old woman, who is from Fard area, ended her life by drinking poison after she was brutally raped on Monday by an armed group of Al-Houthi followers who fight against the army.

According to the weekly, the women had no alternative but to commit suicide and end his life. The local sources clarified that rebels have recently resorted to raid homes of innocent citizens, loot their property and rape women under the pretext that their ideologies and references allow them to do such things.