Al-Shoura [Archives:2007/1056/Press Review]

June 4 2007

Wednesday, May 30
Main headlines

– Joint Meeting Parties call for ceasing Sa'ada fighting, insist on national solutions to any sectarian issues

– Yemeni Journalists Syndicate lashes out at Information Ministry for complicating procedures related with issuing licenses for new papers

– Woman Forum participates in course on enhancing citizenship's culture and democracy

– Jointing Meeting Parties demand reviewing electoral divisions

– Al-Dustroor Weekly and its chief editor accused of defamation and slander

– Warns of government's policy to fuel conflict between Sa'ada tribesmen, fighting expands, Majaz under siege

The weekly reported on its front page that military fighter jets raided on Wednesday Al-Jarasha area, the center of Ghamer district, thereby demolishing several houses and government institutions in the area while tanks assaulted Kataf area in Munabeh district. In the meantime, fierce fighting is taking place in the areas of Razeh, Ghamr and Qataber and the military forces are launching air strikes on the district centers because the government accuses inhabitants of these areas of being loyal with Houthis. The newspaper quoted media sources as saying that raids were intensified with the aim of restoring the areas of Ghamr, Baqem and Razeh, which have been controlled by Houthi followers for several days.

The Houthi supporters continued besieging Majaz district, which lies closer to the provincial capital since last Monday, according to the Shoura weekly, which added that the rebels have resumed control of other areas after the fighting expanded earlier this week to reach new districts.