AL-SHOURA: Sanaa (Weekly) 19-10-97. (Federation of Popular Forces) [Archives:1997/43/Press Review]

October 27 1997

Main Headlines: 1) Amid Strong Popular Support, Committee for Defense of Hadhramaut Holds 1st Meeting in Mukalla 2) A Man Slaughters 8-Year-Old Boy for Gouging his Cow’s Eye – Boy’s Father Killed 7 innocent bystanders in Frenzy Fit 3) Four More Children Died in Reima After Being Accidentally Vaccinated with Insulin 4) 3 Women Committed Suicide by Burning themselves in Separate Incidents in Abyan and Ibb Article Summary: Archeological Cave Discovered A cave, 2 1/2 km long and several meters high, was discovered in the Woraiqa village in the Hobail Jabar area of Radfan. People in the area became intrigued when the place was visited repeatedly by groups of foreigners some of whom claimed to be archeologists. Village elders indicated that the Jews used to hold religious ceremonies inside the cave before the establishment of the state of Israel. Up until recently, the locals believed the cave to be inhabited by evil spirits. It is probably a rumor created by the Jews to keep people away from the cave, the villagers said. It is thought that the cave contained some antiques that were stolen in the past.