AL-SHOURA: Sana’a (Weekly) 5-10-97. (Federation of Popular Forces) [Archives:1997/41/Press Review]

October 13 1997

Main Headlines: 1) Truck Drivers Protest In Lahaj Over Illegal Taxes Imposed On Them 2) Stray Rabid Dogs Become Endemic In Dhali’ & Threaten People with Rabies Epidemic 3) Yemeni Students In Poland & Czech Republic Unable To Come Home for Lack of Financial Resources 4) Secondary-School Students Cut Off Road in Sabar in Protest Over Absence of Suitable Transportation Article Summary: Quarrel Could Have Led To Massacre A violent quarrel took place between the guards at Al-Dhali’ primary court and the bodyguards of the deputy security director of the governorate. One of the latter’s officers was arrested by the court’s guards after coming to investigate a shooting incident in which they were involved. According to informed sources, the court’s guards, under orders form the judge, had fired at construction workers in the same area in which the judge was granted a plot of land. He has previously ordered all construction work in the area to be stopped.