AL-SHOURA: Sanaa (Weekly) 9-11-97. (Federation of Popular Forces) [Archives:1997/46/Press Review]

November 17 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Americans in Yemen Warned by their Government of Terrorist Attacks by Arab Afghan-War Veterans 2- Yemeni National Committee to Combat Naturalization while Israel Condemns the Doha Conference 3- Ministerial Decree to Abolish Cooperative Sector in Southern & Eastern Governorates Article Summary: Caltex Residents Cry Out Forcefully evicted people in Caltex, Aden have called upon human rights organizations, through various opposition newspapers, to address their terrible suffering. Military and security forces had on October 21 taken over the houses from their rightful owners. The excuse given then was that the area would be part of the proposed Aden Free Zone. No compensation has been given to the evicted people. The evicted residents filed a law suit against the executive authorities and the governor of Aden who failed several times to appear before court. Most of the Caltex residents are poor fishermen.