AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 1-3-98. [Archives:1998/10/Press Review]

March 9 1998

(Federation of Popular Forces Party)   Main Headline:
1- Dispute over proposed teacher’s law still rages on.
2- Armed confrontation took place in Ibb between supporters of the Islamic fundamentalist, Moqbil Al-Wadi’i, and elements of the Islah Party.
3- Commander of missiles division in Aden was shot dead by one of his officers – reasons are not yet known.
4- Drop in international oil prices raised Yemeni budget deficit to YR 30 billion.
5- In questioning by parliament, the Minister of Interior admits 471 incidences of favoritism in admitting students into Police Academy.
Article Summary:
Absent Facts
By: Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Mansoob
A recent demographic survey on mother and child health indicated that infant mortality in Yemen is highest among the families who live in unclean places, especially where there is stagnant water or uncontrolled sewage. The mortality rate among children under five years of age living in more hygienic areas is around 88.6 per 1,000. This rate dramatically rises to 261.7 per 1,000 among children living near areas of stagnant water or overflowed sewage. The WHO set target for worldwide infant mortality by the year 2,000 is 70 per 1,000. So Yemen has a long way to achieve this low rate. Even those children who survive such bad conditions are more exposed to various types of disease.