AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 17-5-98. [Archives:1998/21/Press Review]

May 25 1998

(Federation of Popular Forces Party)  Main Headline:
1- Washington stops its meager assistance to Yemen, and decides to support democracy with $1 million only!
2- A number of MPs in the ruling People’s General Congress call of the resignation of the governor of Sanaa because of rampant corruption and the squandering of funds. They also expressed their indignation at the deterioration of public sanitation in the capital.
3- Acting upon high-level orders, the Hadhramaut prosecutor drops the charges filed against a number of people arrested during the Mukallah demonstration. The opposition calls for divulging the whereabouts of Hassan Ba-Awm, opposition leader who disappeared immediately after the demonstration.
4- Two butchers selling cat and dog meat as lamb were arrested in Sanaa last Saturday.
5- Counterfeit 100 Yemeni riyal bank notes were discovered by the Central Bank branch in Mokha.
6- The Bani Dhabaan tribe refuses to receive the bodies of its 8 kinsmen who were killed during the complementary parliamentary elections held early in April.
7- An influential landowner in Aden has fenced off a large piece of land where 8 houses are situated in preparation for expelling their inhabitants, relying in his armed entourage and falsified title deeds.
8- A secret draft law, to be submitted by the government allegedly to prevent political takeovers, is bound to restrict the activities of charities.