AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 19-4-98. [Archives:1998/17/Press Review]

April 27 1998

(Federation of Popular Forces Party)  Main Headline:
1- Islah leader, Al-Zindani warns against US occupation of Socotra Island.
2- Recent government crisis reveals its failure to successfully implement reform program and conduct a cabinet reshuffle.
3- Following a Day-of-the-Dead ceremony by Chinese doctors who laid flower wreaths on their dead colleagues’ graves in Abyan, an extremist religious group vandalized two of the graves.
4- Tribal conflict flares up in Abyan, while the government fails in its mediation efforts.

Article Summary:
Islah-PGC Struggle
Armed confrontations erupted between the erstwhile coalition partners – Islah & the People’s General Congress (PGC) – over the control of mosques in Hadhramaut. Several mosques in Seiyun and Tarim became the scenes of acts of violence when the PGC-controlled local authority fired at a number of Islahi mosque Imams, who were appointed during the rule of the former Islah-PGC coalition government.
The PGC accuses Islah of using the mosques for its political propaganda. On its part, Islah accused the PGC of bringing Imams and armed men from outside Hadhramaut to gain control of the mosques.