AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 2-8-98. [Archives:1998/32/Press Review]

August 10 1998

(Federation of Popular Forces)
Main Headline:
1- Parliamentary report warns against a real catastrophe in water, electricity and sanitation services in Sanaa, Taiz and a number of other Yemen cities. Successive Yemeni governments have done virtually nothing to improve these services, stated the report.
2- Governor of Sanaa blames 80% of the sanitation problem on the government and 20% on the citizens.
3- 27 people die in Taiz because of water pollution.
4- The Shawlan tribe in Al-Jawf hands over a number of its kinsmen to the authorities as hostages in return for withdrawing army troops from their area.
Article Summary:
Yemeni Women in Political Parties
By Ft’hiya Al-Haithamy
The ruling party and other opposition parties still give lip service to female participation in political life. Male politicians acquire some sort of democratic legitimacy by giving women a limited role in their political parties. In other words, women do not obtain their positions through hard work, but are bestowed upon them by men.
Nonetheless, a number of women have been able to occupy senior positions in some political parties through their sheer diligence and ideological beliefs.