AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 22-2-98. [Archives:1998/09/Press Review]

March 2 1998

(Federation of Popular Forces)
Main Headline:
1- Proposed teachers’ law leads to paralyzing the education system.
2- World Bank & IMF demand 30% increase in wheat prices, 40% of fuel, & 100% in cost of ‘phone calls.
3- Embezzlement of YR 2 million were uncovered in Ministry of Religious Endowments office in Lahaj.
Article Summary:
Our Schools Out of Control
By: Noorya A. Al-Rada’i
Since the start of this academic year, assaults by students on their teachers have taken place in 37 different schools. With the steady deterioration in the teachers’ living standards, they started losing their self-respect and many people looking down on them. Parents no longer teach their children to respect their teacher.
Many assaults take place during end-of-term exams when some students are reprimanded when they are caught cheating. The assaults are usually done by a group of youths brought together by the “slighted” student. Some of the attacks are quite vicious involving stabbing, clubbing and other means of inflicting grievous bodily harm. In one incident the teacher is still being threatened by the gang that attacked him for refusing to drop the charges from the first assault. He does not dare go out of his house unarmed. The assailant students are usually dismissed from the school and not allowed to enroll in any other. But this measure does not seem to deter others.