AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa Weekly, 23-11-97 [Archives:1997/48/Press Review]

December 1 1997

(Federation of Popular Forces)
Main Headlines: 1- Yemen & Eritrea to conduct a new round of negotiations on disputed Hunaish Island. 2- Group of 70 Somalis, Eritreans & Ethiopians were handed to UNHCR upon illegally arriving in Mocha. 3- Family’s of liberation war martyrs in Aden demand payment of pensions which were stopped 6 months ago. 4- Dutch Ambassador cautions against privatizing water supply service too soon. Article Summary: Saboteurs Tried Amid stringent security measures, the trial of 23 men accused of perpetrating the recent bomb explosions in Aden has started. Four other men are tried in absentia. The charges include conspiring, upon the instigation of unnamed foreign powers, to conduct bombing campaigns, assassinations, kidnap foreign tourists, and poison water wells. The prime suspect, a 45-year-old Syrian with a Spanish passport, has confessed to attempting to kill an Italian tourist in Sanaa and falsifying passports under various names. One suspect fainted upon hearing the charges and the others pleaded not guilty.