AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 23-8-98. [Archives:1998/34/Press Review]

August 24 1998

(Congregation of Popular Forces)
Main Headline:
1- The Congregation of Popular Forces condemn terrorism whoever its perpetrators, and calls Arabs and Muslims to unite.
2- Minister of Education: “There are no foreseeable solutions for the educational system’s chronic problems. Several private schools must be closed.”
3- Head of the Industrialists Society: “All national factories are threatened with closure.”4- Water polluted by oil causes public panic in Masila. Chemical analysis were done in Saudi Arabia.
Article Summary:
Flash Floods in Numbers
Casualties due to torrential rain in Yemen have amounted to more than 70 dead. There were 25 dead in Hodeida, 20 in Ibb, 10 in Al-Jawf, 2 Saada, 4 in Abyan and Lahaj, 4 in Dhamar, and 7 in Sanaa.
More than 300 houses were demolished in Sanaa, 120 of which were in Sanaa City. More than 60 families had to sleep in the open. In Ibb and Dhamar, 42 houses were completely demolished.
Tens of main and side roads and thousands of hectares of farms were swept away by the floods.