AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 7-12-97. (Federation of Popular Forces) [Archives:1997/50/Press Review]

December 15 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Judge trying Mahara saboteurs sends prosecutor to investigate their conditions in Sanaa Central Prison, while they demand the showing of 2 video films shot during interrogation 2- Police brutally broke up a peaceful demonstration in Hawta, Lahaj, organized by Opposition Coordination Council 3- Shifting sand dunes spreading across Aden-Abyan road led to 6 people killed and 10 injured in 3 separate traffic incidents 4- RPG missile fired at house in a village in Shabwa caused widespread panic among residents Article Summary: Shekels in Hodeida While tending his flock, a shepherd in northern Hodeida found a small sack full of banknotes on the side of a dirt road often used by shepherds in that area. Upon taking the money to the nearest currency exchange shop in town, it was discovered that the banknotes were 30,000 worth of Israeli shekels. The exchange shop owner refused to change the money. Some of the people that gathered at the shop commented that this incident was part of normalizing relations with Israel; while, others said it was one of the mysteries of the sea!