AL-SHOURAH: Sanaa weekly, 8-2-98. (Federation of Popular Forces) [Archives:1998/07/Press Review]

February 16 1998

Main Headlines: 1- 22,000 army soldiers and officers from southern governorates are to be demobilized. 2- Legal arbitration on dispute between Yemen and Eritrea covered may have covered all the archipelago, not just Hunaish Island. 3- The President directed abolishing all illegal qat-tax checkpoints on the outskirts of Dhali’. 4- Federation of Popular Forces Party expresses concern for Iraq, and demands that Yemen should look after its own interests at the same time. Article Summary: Swiss Conditions The Yemeni delegation, that had recently visited Switzerland to promote international investments in Yemen, was informed by Swiss officials that a number of certain conditions have to be satisfied first in order to bring international capital into Yemen. “Yemen has to have well-established state institutions, and it has to eradicate the negative repercussions of 1994 civil war,” said Mr. Franz Blanker of the Swiss foreign economic cooperation organ in interview with by the Swiss Radio. “Yemen has also to avoid duality in taxation,” he added. On his part, the Yemeni Minister of Industry, Mr. Ahmed Soofan stressed Yemen’s willingness to meet these conditions. The trade exchange between Yemen and Switzerland is quite small. Yemen imports SF 15 million worth of goods from Switzerland, while, it exports SF 2 million.