Al-Shumoo [Archives:2003/641/Press Review]

June 12 2003

7 June 203
Main headlines:
– Domination of power centers prevent accountability of corrupt ministers and officials
– GPC & Islah leaderships call for straightening the course of unity and offering apology for the 1994 war
– Islamic Bank criticizes the government policy
– Sheikh Abdullah al-Ahmar criticizes the American ambassador, American embassy to open a legal attachE office
– Local company does not abide by tender law
– Large number of corruption issues discovered in Baidha' governorate
The political editor of the newspaper says no doubt that Iraq occupation by the American forces has removed a burden from the back of the Gulf States that have been looked at as have offered lavish and unlimited logistic help to the United States. Arab public opinion considers this a crime against the nation. The Arab masses managed, by their rallies and demonstrations, to offer themselves against the Gulf leaderships and to frighten them. That matter made those leaderships offer logistic support to the American forces whereas the media and political action offered sympathy with Iraq. Perhaps this contradiction between the declared and the clandestine regarding the American-Gulf cooperation made the Gulf States follow a flexible policy with the region's countries. Thus the Gulf States were forced to display a proof of good intention towards Yemen by accepting it partially in the GCC. This partial acceptance did express a real conviction of the GCC states as much as they have been compelled by the circumstances to follow this course as a sort of tactics for a while. It is aimed to demonstrate it as an announcement that there is an exploration of facets of cooperation and Arab integration beginning from the region's countries. The Gulf States now find the secessionist leaders of the YSP their hope for acting and giving them directives to announce their opposition and offer conditions such as reforming the course of the unity, equal citizenship and removing sequences of the 1994 summer war. These slogans were intended to be frozen for a while till receiving orders for changing them into an opposition political action supported with money.