Al-Shumoo [Archives:2003/643/Press Review]

June 19 2003

14 June 2003.
The newspaper's political editor writes saying that under the speeding international variables and events in the region and the American extensive influence role and the new political and economic orientations after occupation of iraq and publication of the road map, things seem to have taken a clear course based on American goals already negotiated on with some regimes under the protection of the American umbrella embodied by the presence of military bass and the policy of dictating conditions under secret understandings and some of them declared. Against these tendencies and orientations relating to the Israeli security and its joint interests with America, came Bush's visit to the Middle East and several Arab countries especially the Gulf States. Bush's visit has created a level of mutual trust capable of sidelining woes and expectations of the Arab masses and ignoring them in the heading for normalization. A normalization that is based on American moral and material support granted to the Arab regimes, particularly the rulers of the region. This support grants those rulers the capability of coexisting with ambitions of the White House. Though this situation has negative impact, but in return it preserves for the rulers their ability to effect inroads in the constants and to move to a change under Euro-American support and blessing endeavoring to realize the Zionist entity strategy in dominating the Middle East region. All this means a transfer in the Arab politics to levels of lacking national sovereignty and harming the national interests and Arab solidarity.