Al-Shumoo [Archives:2003/649/Press Review]

July 10 2003

5 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Two American explosives experts behind the blasts in Riyadh
– Public property prosecution re-opens file of corruption in endowment ministry
– On table of the Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council talks, Yemeni-Saudi joint investments, privileges for the Yemenis
– Two ministers in the former cabinet to stand investigations on charges of corruption soon
– Agriculture ministry permitted import of Israeli-made insecticides
– Saddam inside Iraq, the American government issue contradictory statements
The newspaper editorial says corruption and normalization are two parts of the same coin. Nothing wrong for corruption to occupy the first place as its destruction is more dangerous than normalization. The nature of corruption is to destroy all human values, principles and morals, though the most apparent features are theft and seizure of the state's or others properties.
It is regrettable that corruption in our society to become a phenomenon. Its continuation and development leads us to cultural, political and economic normalization in accordance with the manner the corrupts want.