Al-Shumoo [Archives:2003/678/Press Review]

October 20 2003

18 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– Governors of Hudeida and Aden did not achieve things deserve to be mentioned
– Al-Biedh, Jifri and Attas spell out conditions and American guarantees for their return home
– After being asked to offer intelligence information, participants walk out of a course organised by the American embassy
– Gulf forum on democracy hosted by Sana’a and attended by Iraq
– Phenomenon of storming schools and attacks on teachers renewed
The political editor of the newspaper says in his article on Mr Mahathir Mohammed the Malaysian prime minister is the example of the personality that must be in governance in Islamic countries. He says this personality has in 23 year tenure in power in Malaysia the country moved from to occupy the positions of progress and achieved a great presence by virtue of sincerity, self denial and credibility in word and deed.
Malaysia is a country that did not care about backwardness and did not believe in it. It has realized the meaning of providing opportunities and unleashing energies in a multi -racial, religious and norms society. Nevertheless, this plurality did not stand as a hindrance on the road of progress by virtue of the wise politics and pursuit Malaysia as a multi-lateral society has altogether headed with all its energies and forces for construction and development and its products have invaded the world and offered the name of Malaysia ahead of other countries.