Al-Shumoo [Archives:2003/683/Press Review]

November 6 2003

1 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Corruption and conniving with foreign sides behind events of the Free Zone
– As a result of their leaderships, changes inside the Free Zone and State Authority for Investment
– American embassy in Sana’a drags a number of diplomatic missions to exercise intelligence activities
– Medicines and canned foods cause strange diseases
– Israel asks America not to export missiles to Egypt
The newspaper editorial says the government measures aimed at restructuring a number of institutions contaminated with corruption come in harmony with data and facts on the volume of negligence, manipulation and nepotism practiced in those establishments and their leaderships involvement in corruption and illegitimate living making.
The Free Zone and the State Authority of Investment come in the forefront of the authorities meant by these measures as a normal result of accumulation of corruption inside them and growth of the aspects of tampering at the expense of their performance and tasks. We support this change but we always hope that the government realizes early and pay attention to press reports and dealing with from the very beginning and not to wait until such situations become critical and then resort to treatments.